Living in Mauritius, a paradise island with a dynamic economic environment.

Mauritius is known for its beautiful sandy beaches and its idyllic surrounding.
The country offers services and all the comfort features you find in Europe.

Mauritius is accessible by different airline companies (Air Mauritius, Emirates, Air France, Corsair etc.). They offer daily flights from Paris, Dubai, London, Reunion Island and scheduled flights to Germany, India, China etc.

The Government of Mauritius has propelled the island by taking steps that have brought a lot of development in the financial sector and also many investments in sectors like BPO and real estate.

Since the opening to foreign investment in 2002, the taxes rates are 15% for everything related to local taxation.
• Income tax = 15%
• Taxes on local companies = 15%
• Value Added Tax = 15%

Other important tax benefits available in the country are:
• No taxes on dividends
• No taxes on capital
• No property taxes
• No inheritance tax